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Access Safe Care's 24-Hour In-Home Supports

At Access Safe Care, we understand that the heart of personalized care lies within the comforts of home. Our 24-hour in-home support services redefine the landscape of care for individuals with developmental disabilities in North Dakota. With a robust commitment to promoting independence and well-being, Access Safe Care's residential habilitation and community support programs bring a new dimension to the concept of home-based care.

Residential Habilitation – Nurturing Independence

Our Residential Habilitation services at Access Safe Care are designed to create a home environment that nurtures independence, fosters personal growth, and ensures a high quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Our dedicated team of caregivers works around the clock to provide comprehensive support tailored to the unique needs of each individual. From assistance with daily living activities to skill-building initiatives, our 24-hour in-home care is a beacon of stability and empowerment. Access Safe Care is not just a service provider; we become an extended family, creating a safe haven where individuals can thrive and lead fulfilling lives within the comfort of their homes.

Community Supports – Connecting Lives Beyond the Threshold

Access Safe Care's Community Support programs extend the boundaries of care beyond the walls of the home. We believe in the power of community integration, and our 24-hour in-home care services are designed to facilitate active participation and engagement in the broader community. Whether it's assisting with social outings, vocational training, or recreational activities, our caregivers are dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and enriching the lives of those we serve.

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