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ASC is your gateway to a transformative approach in DD (Developmental Disabilities) services across North Dakota. Our unwavering commitment is to provide a comprehensive and compassionate framework that ensures individuals with developmental disabilities not only receive the care they deserve but also thrive in an environment tailored to their unique needs. Access Safe Care goes beyond conventional support services, offering a lifeline of empowerment, dignity, and progress for every individual under our care


ASC understands that the heart of personalized care lies within the comforts of home. Our 24-hour in-home support services redefine the landscape of care for individuals with developmental disabilities in North Dakota. With a robust commitment to promoting independence and well-being, Access Safe Care's residential habilitation and community support programs bring a new dimension to the concept of home-based care.


Access Safe Care recognizes that transportation is more than just a means of getting from one place to another; it's a lifeline that connects individuals to essential services and experiences. Our Non-Medical Transportation services are meticulously crafted to provide safe, reliable, and compassionate transportation solutions for individuals with developmental disabilities in North Dakota.

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